About Us

The business advisory team that are all about getting your business sailing smoothly. We excel at finding the fastest, most direct route to your end goal.

Our Purpose & Role

Our mission is to see your business succeed.

We work with business owners and leaders to maximise the potential of your business, ensure growth, and protect you against business threats.

Our purpose is to provide our vast range of skills at a practical price you can afford. We know how to keep businesses heading in the right direction, and we are solely motivated to provide you with the advice to ensure you grow, prosper and make the finish line in good shape.

VMG Capital works with CEOs, and/or your company’s management team or board to formulate appropriate growth strategies and ensure you achieve your goals in the fastest way. It’s all about time to deliver your goals as fast as possible. Using our unique VMG Diagnostic tool, we can plot where you are now, and set and manage the execution of the plan to get where you want to go. We are Velocity Made Good.

Our Role

We are independent and have no conflict. Our role is to get your business fit and sailing smoothly and in good shape to raise external capital when needed. We will call it, when the call needs to be made, and optimise you and your business.

Our Beliefs & Values

Our approach is to become a natural, trusted extension of your business. We work with our clients as a trusted specialist advisor.

We are:

Authentic, Genuine, Passionate, Enterprise value driven, Entrepreneurial, Collaborative

We are in search of the right answer, which sometimes means making tough or bold decisions. We pride ourselves on being honest and open about what is possible

We are nimble, flexible and have skin in the game as we are paid on success (failure is not an option for us)

We advise fearlessly and have no conflicts

The difference between us and the competition is that our aim is make sure your business is fully supported by all your stakeholders and we will not rest until you have that support