To see how your business is tracking, look at the following five questions and score your business out of 10, with 10 being extremely good, and 0 being very poor or non-existent

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1. What is your annual revenue?
2. Do you expect your bad debts to increase because of COVID-19?
3. Are you comfortable leaving the future of your business to chance?
4. Could you benefit from having ready access to attractively priced funding other than through a bank or finance company?
5. Can you clearly state the 3 most important challenges facing your business?
6. Does your information system give you daily feedback on KPIs?
7. Do you have a compelling business story but find it difficult to get lenders to listen?
8. Do you think your business is performing at the peak of its potential?
9. Have you tried consultants but found the experience less than satisfying?
10. Would you like to be free of expensive, short term lenders who do not really help your business?

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